Many companies offer the ability to host your website. Although cost is usually the determining factor, there are several important reasons to consider MCG for your website hosting needs in addition to our competitive pricing.
Our web servers are located at Cervalis, a co-location facility in upstate New York with a reputation in the industry for excellence in service. The facility boasts uptime records for ensuring your site will remain available on the Internet regardless of power, bandwidth, or other factors. Additionally, MCG maintains technical support in our office throughout the day to address any potential issues immediately.
Our development and technical teams have the knowledge to handle websites which are for the purpose of dispensing information, as well as complicated commerce solutions, and Intranet database sharing sites. We have assisted our clients in creating many of the sites we host providing a seamless transition from design through rollout.
Our unique position as a full service firm allows us to offer website hosting for free when a client uses MCG to host its email. If your needs are customized, or if you are looking to have a relationship with your site host, MCG will provide the personal attention your firm needs.