Use of radio frequency tags, labels and equipment has soared in recent years with the advent of superior reading options and a reduction in the cost of the tags and labels.

Initially used in large distribution center warehouses to track movement of inventory, the technology has expanded to be used in many office environments across a wide variety of disciplines. If you have a need to track parts, equipment, resources and more, you may be a candidate to work with RFID.

Using integrated solutions from Portable Technology Solutions, MCG is able to custom develop a solution to integrate with your ERP, warehousing, or other systems. We can supply RFID labels, scanning equipment, and printers.

MCG, Inc. has set up sophisticated RFID tracking applications for inventory control and product movement of high end rugs, and the inventory management from receiving to shipping for a granite headstone distributor.  These applications make use of handheld equipment for scanning difficult to move and track product.  Although fixed position readers are not implemented for these applications, they could be used to monitor product leaving a location or being loaded on to transport vehicles for delivery.

Check this to get an idea of what can be accomplished.