As a Dell, HP, IBM, and Microsoft partner, MCG can assist with all manner of technology related installation and support. Our engineers can design new network topologies to match your needs. We can also provide solutions to expand your current hardware and communications network. Our approach is to provide blanket full service to encompass everything related to your infrastructure including servers, workstations, power and backup, routers, switches, firewalls, and cabling.

The logical starting place for assessing your needs is our Inventory and Audit. With our Managed Resources plan, this process is included in signing up for our proactive technology plan. If you are not committed to MCG for your technology needs, this is an assessment step to collect all the information about your systems infrastructure. Based on the review, we will provide you with a list of recommendations and costs associated with any issues/problems or enhancements we are suggesting.

Our expertise includes Microsoft server operating systems, AS/400’s, Unix/Linux, Cisco, and diverse wide area network configurations. We partner with many bandwidth providers to complete an end to end solution for all of your data and voice needs.

For a free consultation, please contact Ken Goldberg at [email protected]